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3D Analyzer Software is the ultimate connection between 3D CA D and CAM. With an intuitive user interface and an end goal of bridging the gap between 3D CAD and CAM applications, 3D Analyzer Software, cuts production costs to create seamless, automated and integrated manufacturing. 3D Analyzer Software was built to unite manufacturing processes for joinery shops.

"3D Analyzer Software is a product designed to seamlessly bridge the gap between 3D CAD and CAM reducing costs and increasing productivity."

3D Analyzer Software has integrated links for the following CAD software

  • AutoCAD  --- See how our link to AutoCAD works!!  With 3D Analyzer and AutoCAD one can experience the benefits of Digital Prototyping at your own pace with the most trusted resource for leveraging and safeguarding your DWG" data through industry and class leading AutoCAD®.
  • AutoDesk Inventor   --- See how our link to AutoDesk Inventor works!!  With 3D Analyzer and Autodesk Inventor one can experience the benefits of Digital Prototyping at your own pace with the most trusted resource for leveraging and safeguarding your DWG" data through industry and class leading AutoCAD®.
  • KitchenDraw  --- KitchenDraw design files can be easily imported into 3D Analyzer which automatically adds all the manufacturing data. State of the art kitchen and design software, easy to use and produces top quality documents.
  • PYTHA 3D Cad  --- The PYTHA Extension to 3D Analyzer enables you to customize machining and connectors for woodworking even more freely by Script Programming. Analyzer outputs a macro code that can directly be converted to G-Code. So using Analyzer, most CNC-machines can be used without an extra NC-software package.
  • Solidworks  --- See what our Solidworks link does!! 3D Analyzer software is the ultimate link between Solidworks and CNC machinery used for woodworking.

3D Analyzer Software allows the CAD operator to automate the manual process. Firstly, 3D Analyzer Software will import data from your 3D CAD application. 3D Analyzers interactive nature is responsible for the geometric analysis of the 3D CAD model.
Automatically allocating all machine processes required to manufacture.

  • Process data for construction
  • Material substitution
  • Automatic allocation of edging
  • Calculate jointing geometry
  • Automatically apply tool pathing
  • Visual representation of processes parts

3D Analyzer Software can provide all information required for your saw optimizer

3D Analyzer Software can provide information to make bar codes and labels. On the labels you are able to see a printed image of what the processed part will look like, in addition to the visual, there are dimensions. This means that you wont choose the wrong sized board to make a part, but also means that the CNC operator can validate what they are about to run through the machine, before any errors are made.

Export formats are completely user configurable, and can be either fixed width or delimited, the name of the file generated is also user definable.

There are a number of controls that are used to format the file, and Analyzer generates files compatible with the current versions of popular saws and optimising software.

3D Analyzer Software has translators for the following CAM software

  • alphacam
  • Aspan
  • Biesseworks
  • Cadcode
  • Enroute
  • Hops 4 & 5
  • Masterworks
  • Profilelab
  • Woodwop

Put away your calculators! 3D Analyzer Software is able to make calculations that used to take hours, instantly. From your 3D CAD model, 3D Analyzer software is able to select several construction standards and automatically calculate your machining operations.

3D Analyzer is able to communicate with your CAM software to automatically apply tool pathing. Having this all determined by 3D Analyzer, reduces significantly, the propensity for errors, and the inevitable time lags that come with the errors. This is particularly handy for your workshop when it comes to working with curves and all associated parts.

When a Job is exported through a default CAM translator, index information files are created for all parts of the job. Index information files are created for each material type-thickness combination, for normal single parts, nested parts, and for parts with machining on the secondary face.

The index files contain information about the part location, etc. as per user discretion.
Generating Export Data files for use by Nesting Software.
Generating Export Data files for use by CAM Software.

3D Analyzer Manufacturing Tools

3D Analyzer links all stages of the manufacturing process to one source, therefore our clients are able to quickly validate and move projects down to the factory floor. Automating your work environment, puts a tighter control on precision, quality and a speedy end result.

Assembly tools

  • Cutting lists
    • Detailed cutting list
    • Consolidated cutting list
    • Part detail list
  • Assembly Part Stickers
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Material List and Quantities
  • Edging requirments

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