Autocad Link Users Guide

Export to 3DAnalyzer:  

 3DAnalyzer Link users guide


The 3DAnalyzer Link allows you to Export a 3D Model of your Cabinets and Parts into the 3DAnalyzer application, where it can be disassembled and analyzed.


Analysis includes:


• Determination of type and placement of Part machining operations based on the Construction

   Type provided in the drawing

• exploding of the Cabinet assembly onto a flat surface,

• identification of each Cabinet’s matting Parts,

• identification of internal and external faces,

• optimisation of Part orientation for smallest cut material area.




The 3DAnalyzer Link follows a simple methodology when applying properties and exporting into your 3DAnalyzer application; the two most basic rules are:


• A Part belongs to a Cabinet,

• A Cabinet belongs to a Room!


The later is implied; i.e. 3DAnalyzer accepts the drawing/model (or parts thereof) as a Room when an Export is performed, therefore only Cabinet and Part properties are needed by 3DAnalyzer on import.  The drawing/model can be exported as a whole, or a selection of 3D objects; the result in 3DAnalyzer is a Room with Cabinet(s), which may or may not have Parts.


Link Functions:


The function of each option in the toolbar is indicated by its tip string that drops down from each icon button. Alternatively the menu indicates the use of the feature explicitly.


The Analyzer functions available are:


... as seen from the Ribbon bar menu.